Managing Workshare in Indian Matrix Organizations

Most of the multinational companies (MNCs) in India that encourage workshare businesses are majorly categorized under a matrix organizational structure. Project managers in these organizations work as a workshare coordinator or main point-of-contact between India’s delivery team and the lead regional offices of the same company. These project managers have less authority to make decisions and, therefore, depend on functional managers. However, the primary role of project managers is to expedite the work process. In a weak matrix organization, project managers do not own the team. The only responsibility that project managers handle is a combination of technical delivery, resource management, and project record documentation.

Because of the abundance of low-cost resources, most of the MNCs are promoting and establishing workshare businesses with India. In a workshare business model, usually overseas offices share or outsource a small part or phase of a big project to Indian delivery teams. Project managers working in such a workshare business often do not have control over resources and have to focus on technical delivery with the given resources. There is less scope for project management. Working in such organizations is sometimes frustrating, and the common demands…

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