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Beyond Possibilities

Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Organizational change initiatives require leaders to demystify strategy and translate it into meaningful, daily activities for their teams. In this interview, esteemed HR executive Larry Solomon shares some insights on unlocking the innate ability of people to react, absorb and triumph amid turbulent change.

Most people who have experienced massive corporate upheaval can vouch that it usually amounts to a case of, ‘It will get worse before it gets better.’ Focus on your job and hope for the best.

That’s a limited, detrimental view, according to Texas businessman and former Dr Pepper Snapple executive Larry Solomon, who believes the possibilities of humans to react, absorb and triumph amid tumultuous change is “endless.”

To unlock this innate ability, managers and leaders must become “translators” so the new mission, strategy and tactics can be absorbed into the “hearts, minds and hands” of every single employee, regardless of role or culture. The key to successful mobilization, he writes, lies in the ability to “demystify strategies and translate them meaningfully into the daily activities of every employee.”

Solomon successfully managed waves of structural change during his tenure at Dr Pepper Snapple and Cadbury-Schweppes. He leverages much of this experience in his debut book, “Translate, …

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