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3 Keys to Benefits Realization

Few organizations reports a high degree of benefits realization management maturity, but those that do have a significant edge in achieving goals and business intent, according to a new report from the Project Management Institute. Here are the actions they take.

Organizations that invest in benefits realization management approach it as a discipline and achieve quantifiable gains as a result. According to findings from the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) 2016 Pulse of the Profession® In-Depth Report Beyond the Project: Sustain Benefits to Optimize Business Value, few organizations report a high degree of benefits realization maturity, but those that do see an average of 50% more projects meeting original goals and business intent. The findings point to actions every organization can take to sustain benefits once a project has been moved into ongoing operations.

“Organizations are leaving their strategy to chance if they don’t focus on benefits realization management as a central part of project and program management,” said PMI president and CEO Mark Langley. “All strategic change happens through projects and programs, so making sure that a project’s benefits are sustainable is crucial to making a strategic initiative succeed over the long term.”

Based on the findings from Beyond the Project: Sustain …

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