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Shop Talk: Collaboration Tools

Eileen O’Loughlin

What are the top challenges in implementing collaboration software on project teams? A recent survey from Software Advice highlights three and offers some tips to combat them. The survey also identifies some ‘must-have’ features that teams find most useful in a collaboration tool.

Did you know: Despite being reported as one of the top threats to effective communication, email continues to be the fallback communication tool for many project teams? Why is this? With every kind of communication and collaboration platform at our disposal, why do so many teams continue to suffer long email threads when collaborating on projects?

To answer these questions, Software Advice surveyed project teams to find out what challenges they face with collaboration tools, what features they find most useful and, all else being equal, what tools they prefer to use when collaborating on projects. The following highlights from that survey’s findings can help guide project managers as they search for the best collaboration software to support their team. (To read the full article on Software Advice, click here.)

Top Challenges

The biggest barriers preventing teams from adopting collaboration software include:

  • Getting team members to use the platform for all project-related communication (26 percent)
  • Finding time to train team members on a new solution (24 percent)

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