Project Controls Expertise: Foundational to Successful EPPM Implementation

PMI Mile-Hi Chapter

Graham Campbell, PMP, is a Global Vice President with EPPM expertise, focused on driving improved business performance. He is a member of the PMI Mile-Hi Chapter.

In recent years, executive leadership came to a realization: The traditional “point of delivery” decision-making process for which project management practices to apply across thousands of ongoing projects, in multiple geographies and across different sectors was not achieving business goals. It also wasn’t in the best interests of our clients, who expected to benefit from the accumulated experience of a large engineering service provider. 

To affect change, we adopted an enterprise project portfolio management approach to project delivery. The well-documented components of EPPM focus on the centralized management of practices, processes and tools used by project managers to provide data that supports the transparency necessary for improvement. 

Our challenge was to scale the application of EPPM requirements necessary for large projects (involving hundreds of resources) down to small projects (requiring inputs from only a few individuals). We needed to implement it in a way that was sufficient to improve project delivery, but without adding additional cost to our clients.

The “light bulb moment” occurred when we recognized that on large projects or programs, PMs have an almost universal appreciation for the support of a …

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