M.A.S.S.I.V.E. Projects for Sustainable Development

PMI Northern Italy Chapter +2

Massimo is a project manager in Italy with strong expericence in project and program management in the fields of construction and facility management.

The current times the world is living in with relation to economic, social and environmental factors puts people in front of important decisions. Floods, typhoons, hurricanes and global warming urge us to do something. The question is, “What can we do?”

High-scale economies—and also day-to-day issues—put us in front of unconventional and urgent decisions. If we do not have the courage to make brave decisions, the “safe operating space for humanity”—defined as the “planet boundaries”—will be broken and humanity will have to face irreversible and abrupt environmental change.

After World War II, we experienced for many years an incredible economic growth. During this growth, our cities and nations changed dramatically. Our rural-based society quickly turned into an urban-based one. Economic growth started in 1700 in England and expanded rapidly in many other countries.

Convergence in economy has also reduced the gap between rich and poor countries. The growth we have experienced worldwide was the fruit of governance strategies based only on reaching well-defined economic objectives. Until now, this is what has driven high strategic programs and portfolios, as well as small projects.

In the area of project management, the …

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