The State of (Interrupted) Work

Wasteful meetings, excessive oversight and email remain a major drain on productivity in the workplace, according to a recent survey. Also, a majority of office workers expect to be working remotely in the coming years.

Office workers are increasingly spending large portions of the work day on things other than what they were hired to do — only 39% of their day was spent on their primary job duties, a back-slide from 46% in 2015), according to a recent survey released by Workfront, a provider of cloud-based enterprise work management solutions.  

The study also revealed that the top three things that got in the way of work included excessive oversight (42%), excessive emails (43%), and wasteful meetings (59%). Not surprisingly, nearly one third of workers (32%) stated their feelings about attending meetings could be best described with a sad face, angry face or poop emoji.

“Meetings and email are a necessary part of today’s workplace. Unfortunately, they are often misused, decreasing, rather than increasing, productivity,” said Joe Staples, chief marketing officer at Workfront. “The good news is there are better ways to manage work [in which] teams are able to collaborate in the context of work, and gain complete visibility into the work that is being done. It’s really about providing the tools that allow businesses to focus …

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