A Life Less Balanced: Release 4.0

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Robert (Bob) Bulger is the 2016 recipient of the Kerzner Award for Excellence in Project Management. He is currently writing in areas focusing on improving organizational success through innovative approaches to benefits realization, stakeholder engagement, and benefit mapping. His latest areas of interest embrace how agility factors into organizational project management and strategy.

Continued from Release 3.0! Welcome to the crazy, frantic world that is a PMO. Join us each month for a serialized drama that centers upon PMO Director Maxine "Max" Jackson. Max leads a talented and diverse team at Konnect Sofware, a start-up software company. The company, and especially her team, are delivering cutting-edge technology. It's truly a dream come true. The real question is: How does Max juggle all the things she wants while keeping her customers and team happy, handling the breakneck speed of a start-up, growing her career and, at the same time, balancing a love life? She knows that if she can make the start-up work, it's her ticket to the work life she's always wanted. But it's hard. Keeping people happy is a full-time job...

Release 4.0 picks up after the end of our third Release. With her life anything but balanced, Max finds herself in a good place with Mac. Monday morning at work, however, brings Max back to all the challenges that a startup encounters: an analyst call covering the launch of their largest client and an acquisition. The company needs her to be at the top of her game to handle everything they're throwing at her and her PMO!


A Life Less Balanced
A serial story by Robert Bulger

Release 4.0

Max felt refreshed as she strolled down the streets of Seattle …

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