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'Future-Proof' Innovation

Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

There is no such thing as business-as-usual anymore. Organizations can’t sit back and wait for innovation to happen. It has to be part of their culture, technology and processes. Here, a digital transformation specialist shares insights on innovation barriers, buy-in and passion projects.

If there is one company all corporate leaders should fear, authors Randal Moss and David J. Neff suggest, it’s not an Uber or a Facebook, it’s Kodak.

Kodak, the photography pioneer and household name, was once seen as unstoppable. In 1982, its payroll in Rochester, New York, had swelled to 60,400 workers, or 25% of the entire city’s population. Today, that number is less than 6,500 and the seemingly endless waves of layoffs continue.

“The companies that are failing to keep up are [the ones] not constantly evolving forward,” said Neff in a recent interview. In other words, there is no such thing as business-as-usual anymore. No incumbent is safe.

Neff’s new book with Moss, IGNITE: Setting Your Organization’s Culture on Fire With Innovation (Vicara Books, August 2016), offers stark examples of how innovation comes knocking eventually in all industries. Companies that survive embrace and even push ahead of the new normal. For example:

  • The 1970s energy crises sparked lighter, more efficient and less-polluting transportation.
  • Forcing lead …

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