To Go Global, Think Local

Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Anna Schlegel has led global technology initiatives for Cisco, VMware and Xerox. Author of a new book about the theory and practice of expanding into international markets, she shares insights on globalization and tips for managing and measuring distributed teams.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the flow of data across borders has “grown by a factor of 45 over the past decade, and they’re projected to post another nine-fold increase by 2020.”

Perhaps that’s why folks like Anna Schlegel are so in demand.

A globalization and language expert, Schlegel has developed a roadmap for international success. “For a company to be truly global, there has to be a globalization master plan, thoroughly mapped out and followed like any other discipline,” says Schlegel, author of the new book Truly Global: The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets” (Friesen Press 2016). “You can’t wing it. The more you understand what globalization is, the more you will see how it can help your company grow and make real money.”

Schlegel herself embodies a global ethos. She is a native of Catalunya (sometimes spelled Catalonia), the region of Spain that is home to the city of Barcelona as well as a major autonomous movement, and the co-founder of Kenya’s “Imagine Educating Everyone” and “Women in Localization,” a professional organization started in California. …

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