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Michael is an executive with operations, technology, consulting, process reengineering, and business development experience. Specialties include process design, process innovation, process re-engineering, technology consulting, project rescue, operational turnaround and vendor management.

You’ve been given one of those projects we all love to manage. Enough budget, reasonable date targets from sponsors, high on the priority list for the enterprise and commitments from resource managers to ensure the project gets the best resources. You develop the work plan and focus on managing toward dates and deliverables. Life is good!

After a few months, new priority projects gain approval. Plus, resource commitments start to fray as resource managers try to accommodate those newer projects and deal with all the “operational pop-ups” that go with the territory of leveraging people with operational responsibilities for project work.

Suddenly, your beautiful project plan starts showing yellow due to resource shortages with milestone dates in jeopardy. What happened?!

You had resources, upper management attention, line management commitments and a great plan.

Unfortunately, this scenario plays out continuously and it may seem like there isn’t much you can do. After all, how can a project manager prevent an outage that pulls key technical staff from their project work? Or how can a project manager prevent upper management from giving newer projects higher priority, especially when you’ve been communicating green status so they no longer worry about completion of the project’s objectives?

There are preventative measures you as a…

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