Build Your PMO Consulting Skills

Laura has experience with big four consulting organizations; was a managing director at a start-up international technology consulting organization that provided off-shore services; and currently is the owner of LAD Enterprizes, a management and information technology company. She provides project management services and training to assist organizations in realizing their goals through projects.

Practice Areas: Consulting, PMO, Stakeholder Management

Tired of a major consulting firm’s travel demands, Monica accepted a senior PMO position with a local corporation. The corporation’s COO is thrilled Monica accepted this position because he feels her consulting experience is helpful. He has struggled with members of the management team accepting the PMO and needs to quickly squash their complaints about too much bureaucracy and uncooperative PMO team members. The COO realizes there is a relationship and communication disconnect, and it is time to think outside of the box.

The COO hired Monica because he believes there are similarities between a consulting firm and PMO. Even though governance and project management methodology are unique to each associated organization, both have governance standards as well as a methodology. Additionally, a consulting firm’s portfolio and resource management needs focus primarily on external clients, while a PMO needs focus on internal client projects.

A key requirement for both is to be a center of excellence providing training, guidance and best practices—a strength of consulting firms. The COO’s hope is Monica can educate and work with the PMO team by building their consulting relationship skills and bridging at least part of the management teams’ perceptions gap.  

Is a PMO an internal consulting operation? I believe it is. Are there …

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"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please."

- Mark Twain