CRM/Services Management: The Tech Revolution

Kevin Coleman is a highly skilled senior level project and program manager/advisor with experience leading projects with labor budgets ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to multi-million dollar budgets across multiple industries.

Customer relationship management and support has long been an essential function for companies of all sizes and across most industries. Current technology coupled with multiple technologies that will emerge over the next few years will undoubtedly drive changes to our CRM and services operations, systems and processes.

With the near-term emerging technology market in the trillions of dollars, you can imagine the magnitude of change that will likely impact the way organizations support and service their customers. With these emerging technologies being embedded in existing products, organizations will need to up their game when it comes to customer support and services. The challenges of delivering world-class customer support and service for products involving new or newer technologies is not trivial.

Let’s take an example that is a real probability in the next few years by looking at a pair of running shoes. When you look at the sales process, it is relatively simple and well known. The only support needed is in case there is an issue that comes up with the shoes, which is rare. Typically, the place for that is where the pair of shoes were sold. That is most likely the main point of contact and resolution.

Now let’s add new emerging technology to the equation. New emerging technologies have come together and created a very interesting change in the shoe …

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