How Cloud Solutions Can Help PMs

Paul is a project manager in Madrid, Spain.

In this article, we will explore how IT projects can benefit from cloud technologies, both in traditional and agile projects. Online project tools are widely available for usage (team spaces, office software, etc.), but IT projects can take this a step further and save time and costs—and reduce risks when the infrastructure goes cloud.

We’ll look into what benefits the cloud brings to project management, and we will see that the decision to go cloud should include deliverability and manageability. It will determine how projects are delivered and how the IT service is managed during its lifecycle. And we will see that an agile IT project could turn itself into actual continuous service delivery to be supported with ITIL-like tools and processes. Going cloud can help in managing the project team, project delivery and service life cycle.

The Cloud in Traditional Projects
Let’s start with a look at traditional projects, which go through the typical, design, develop, testing and deployment phases. We’ll look at how the cloud affects costs, risks, schedules and project strategies:

1. Costs: Cloud services are charged on a pay-as-you-use (PAYU) basis. In this model, you just pay for the resources you actually use. You design and create your environment (normally online), and you pay for the computing and storage you allocate. At the start of projects,…

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