The Epiphany: Agile + Business Analysis

Lakeshore, Ontario Chapter

Melicia holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Philosophy. She successfully completed her masters in Computer-Based Management Information Systems with distinction and received the Graduate Award for Best Project. Melicia holds 2 Graduate Certificates in Project Management and Business Analysis.

In the “CHAOS Manifesto 2012: The Year of Executive Sponsor,” the agile process was listed among the top 10 success factors of a project. Additionally, the 2011 report from the Standish Group revealed two thought-provoking findings:

  1. “agile projects are successful three times more often than non-agile projects”
  2. “the agile process is the universal remedy for software development project failure” (pg. 25)

No wonder many organizations have embedded the agile methodology in their business strategy. Like many, I got caught in the labyrinth of needing to be “agile” without completely devising how business analysis truly fits in this technological paradigm shift. After all, I am a business systems analyst by profession, so I needed to consider what is expected of me on an agile project team.

With the proliferation and progression of agile techniques and attitudes comes the restructuring of the business systems analyst/business analyst role. This article was birthed from the realization that business analysis can effectively contribute to the success of projects using agile approaches. The main focus of this article will be on the expected outcomes of an agile business analysis initiative. Besides, scope must evolve to meet emerging needs, and this is where business analysis fits perfectly with the declaration and …

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