Moving Talent Acquisition to the PMO

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Rick is a project lead and senior talent acquisition specialist, targeting project management and talent acquisition management opportunities.

Food for thought for those who are hungry. Sitting in Panera, with a warm cinnamon roll and a caramel latte (with whipped cream), I contemplate my search for the next thought-provoking challenge that will employ me. Ten years of talent acquisition in global organizations has brought me here.

Last month, I tapped self-discovery tools and gained insight from informational interviews with recent managers. Project management becomes highlighted as a relevant career path, but how and why? Businesses haven’t been considering members of their talent acquisition team for project management roles, I believe.

Encouraging my research into this path was the positive feedback I received for leading a project to develop the vision statement for the global human resources function within a $450M+ technology company. I found feasibility for my personal search, as well as on a much larger scale. Talent acquisition (TA) and project management have such similarity that I’ve begun to wonder if a company gains competitive advantage by moving TA into its project management organization (PMO).

Experienced PM and TA professionals demonstrate comparable valor. They prioritize attaining business goals and objectives, despite risk of potential unemployment when finished. Their responsibilities and activities both have finite end points. They require…

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