Entrepreneurship + Strategic Management = Strategic Entrepreneurship

PMI Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Chapter

Júnior Rodrigues, MSC, PMP is a Project Manager, Senior Consultant and Professor in Rio de Janeiro.

Can we combine entrepreneurship and strategic management to leverage value creation? This article highlights important concepts and points on how the topic has evolved over the years.

Consider four dimensions of entrepreneurship:

  1. A distinguished academic domain with its own research and theories
  2. One process, not an individual event or personification
  3. A relationship between opportunities and individuals
  4. Involves end-to-end relations, innovation and new resource combinations

Different views?
Miscellaneous views on the area have surfaced over the years, plus broad and differentiated concepts. A major obstacle to this work is the tenuous limit between entrepreneurship and other areas, especially strategic management. There is a lack of consensus on the differences, since according to some critics strategic management explains part of entrepreneurship.

However, both represent two sides of the same coin: The creation and acquisition of value. Thus, there is clearly a need to identify theories and unique premises about entrepreneurship. The main differences between the two areas occur in five dimensions:



Strategic Management


Social wealth and …

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