Looking Ahead: Project Management Predictions for 2017

Kevin Kern serves as Innotas' President and CEO, leveraging his 20 years of operational experience with high-growth software companies. Innotas is a leading provider of Cloud Solutions for IT Management.

In order to move forward, you must sometimes look back. In looking back, we’ve seen some patterns arise and believe these to no longer be trends, but core competencies of the market. This year, expect to see a renewed interest in some of these tried-and-true methodologies. These are no longer trends in IT, but rather standard practices and should be a focus for the business to grow and leverage.

This coming year, I think we’ll see a renewed focus on the alignment of IT operations and strategic business goals. Competition in all markets continues to place pressure on both disciplines of optimization and innovation. IT departments continue to get tasked to do more with less.

1. Business value and business technology optimization: Enterprises will continue to increase focus on the value that IT and PMOs bring to the business—not solely what these departments are costing the company. Rather than cost-cutting, we’ll start to see more companies invest IT dollars effectively by moving away from legacy, on-premise PPM and APM solutions, and into the cloud.

2. Predictive metrics and analytics: It won’t be enough to create reports and dashboards to share with the team. The value of the PMO and the work that IT does will be micro-analyzed and will continue to be viewed as critical business partners contributing to the success of the overall business.…

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