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Agile: Where the Magic Happens

Northern Italy Chapter

Paolo is a Senior Project Manager for IBM in Gorizia, Italy.

We all search—even if unconsciously—for the so-called “comfort zone.” We want to be sure that everything always runs like clockwork—no surprises, no worries. But the world outside of that comfort zone is far from stable. Complexity, uncertainty, evolution and change are the norms.

To get out there and face challenges (and hopefully successes), we have encountered an application to organizations and business processes. It’s a way of being, an approach that for years has re-established the basics of project management complexity: agile.

Being agile means being able to navigate complexity with speed and clarity. Agile eliminates unnecessary processes and artificial boundaries to fuel a culture of collaboration. It helps us focus on what matters most to our clients.

There is a question that we should keep asking ourselves again and again, whether managing projects, services, productive activities or anything else: How can I do better? At the risk of sounding anything but modest, I can say that I often ask myself this question.

Having experiencing the successful application of agile (particularly Scrum) in different projects—combined with some input from the management of my company—gave me the boost to introduce this mindset in the service organization that I am running.

But how do you convince those who are good in a &…

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"The good die young, because they see it's no use living if you have got to be good."

- John Barrymore