Establishing an Innovation Management Framework: Q&A

Gert is co-author of the TIM Foundation/PDMA innovation maturity model. He is an experienced presenter, speaker and facilitator for innovation training.

The webinar Establishing an Innovation Management Framework was packed with so much information, the discussion continued afterward! Here, the presenter covers some additional questions and answers that came out of that session.

1. How do you move potentially valuable innovations forward when, by definition, the innovation may not fit into the current business model (i.e. low initial revenue stream, etc.)?
You should then move the innovation out of the current business. 

2. How do you protect IP resulting from innovation without resorting to public means (such as patents) while minimizing risk?
Difficult these days. Move faster, be superior and be alert to infringements. Share and live on the proceeds of sharing.

3. Since managers have the most interaction with front-line personnel and much of innovation and creativity comes from that avenue, does your model take into account managers’ ability or inability to evaluate innovation, since pushing an innovation is risky for a manager? How would a manager push an innovation to the executive level, and what makes the risk worth it?
The simple answer is yes: the model does take this aspect into account and asks questions around managing innovations and pushing them through the entire food chain and up and down the chain of command. This is a two-way process. Some managers may not like the answers, but we want …

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