Did Agility Slip Away?

Tina is a PMO manager and a seasoned agile coach and mentor with a track record of successfully training ScrumMasters, transforming teams and utilizing data analytics in divestiture and merger projects.

This morning, I had an epiphany about my career and how agile has imbedded itself not only into what I do, but also into who I am. Years after my first ScrumMaster role and agile coach opportunity, I am working in a PMO again. Truly, PMO is my bread and butter. I love the processes, structure and the ready-made servant leader role that comes along with running and being part of a PMO.

My current role is a long way away from standard, structured sprints with deliverables coming out every two weeks. I’ve lost touch with the latest updates on the agile tools that I’ve grown to love, and I know that some of the practices used within my team have the stench of a Scrum smell. Yikes!

With all my focus on financials and data analytics as of late, I was starting to believe that I had lost touch with the Scrum and agile world. Maybe I needed to jump out of the PMO world and back into a smaller project development team to ensure that my skills are sharp. Maybe it is time for a change.

But before I make a radical change, I need to really look, understand and take inventory of what is happening with my role today. Do I use a backlog? Yes. Does my team measure progress through deliverables? Well, of course.

Although we’ve adjusted from a Daily Scrum to covering progress and accomplishments weekly, we still focus on what is most important. Our program manager is …

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