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January Book Club Closing Webinar - Managing the PMO Lifecycle: Q&A

Waffa has 15+ years of experience in leading organization transformation through alignment of strategy and execution through PMO management. She specializes in building PMOs and revitalizing and assessing the value proposition of existing PMOs.

The closing Q&A webinar for our January Book Club on Managing the PMO Lifecycle was packed with so much information, the discussion continued afterward! Here, the author covers some additional questions and answers that came out of that session.

1. What would you say is the primary role of a PMO organization? Provide structure, best practices and standardization across all projects? Or is it to drive decision making to top management on portfolio choices?
It is all of the above, but depends on the size of the PMO, type of PMO and the many number of PMOs in the organization. If you refer to Chapter 2 and 3 in the book, you should be able to find answers on type of PMO/scale of PMO and expected role as a result.

2. When proposing implementation of a PMO to the executive level, they will want to know some information on ROI. From your experience, what is an average ROI for implementation of a PMO?
In the case study chapter, you can see how PMOs measured various ROI depending on their organizations and what is important. For example: improve project delivery by 30% might be a huge ROI for an organization, while for another it may need to be 50%. Cost savings of 10% for one organization might be good enough, for others it might be 30%. In short, during the need analysis for a PMO, the executive team needs to gauged on what it is expecting from ROI for the entity to be …

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