Cybersecurity Impacts Upon United States Navy Undersea Tracking Ranges

Adamson E. Streit, MBA, PMP, and Bradley T. Dame, CISSP

The Risk Management Framework (RMF) authorization process is a new process, and very few data points are available for program managers to estimate cost and schedule. It is estimated to take roughly 3,600 work hours for all the multiple disciplines to support the RMF process, with approximately 2,800 hours funded by the program to ensure compliance—and the balance funded by overhead. For scheduling purposes, approximately 300 work days are required to reach Step 6. The scope of ensuring compliance does not change as it is the same for every program, and must follow and adhere to DoD Instruction 8510.01.

It seems as though every month, the American public hears news about hackers illegally accessing Information Systems (IS) containing sensitive information related to credit cards and/or social security numbers. Cybersecurity attacks targeting vulnerable ISs is nothing new and has been widely reported for at least 15 years, and the frequency and severity of each instance are only getting worse. For example, in 2003, TJ Maxx was targeted by hackers seeking to obtain credit card information. In 2013 and 2014, Target and Home Depot were both victims of hackers seeking credit card numbers. In 2015, hackers hit sites such as Ashley Madison, revealing the identities of high-ranking government officials engaging in extra-marital affairs resulting in a …

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