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Secrets of a KM Pusher

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You can post information 'til you're blue in the face, but how do you get people to use it? Do you approach it from the top down¾ getting management buy-in then pushing it out to the masses¾ or is it more of a grassroots effort? The answer somewhere in between and has more to do with system design and natural incentives than internal marketing using a vendor-prescribed formula.

There's no shortage of KM professionals shouting power to the people and grass roots are greener, but I think that you have to put those messages in context. Like anything else, there is a huge gray area, and the secret to success lies in knowing where to draw the line. Clearly there is a difference between selling KM and promoting usage. Management needs to be convinced to buy the proper solution, and employees need to be sold on using it. So, both top down and bottom up efforts are critical to KM success.

Top Down

The solution is a critical part of the equation. Some actually do work better than others, and those that do are sometimes very expensive. Some can be sold as an extension to or an upgrade from what is already in place¾ whether or not the actual solution is a good idea. Others are sold as an entirely new way of doing things. In either case, here are a few key concepts that you should consider as part of your pitch:

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