Internal Consultants: Your Organization's MVPs

Paul is a Sr. Project Manager with The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. Paul's 14 years of project management experience run the gamut of industries: health care, publishing, finance, manufacturing and marketing. Paul is PMP certified, and he holds true to the principles of project management when running his projects, which has resulted in many successes.

It’s spring time, and you know what that means in America? It’s time for baseball—America’s greatest pastime! For those who are enthusiastic about the sport, discussions about who will be the “most valuable player” (or MVP) in baseball will soon get underway. For sure, similar debates will rage in other sports too, which all have their own form of MVP.

We all can relate the MVP concept to the corporate world as well, and for me those who are pushing real change in organizations today have an “internal consultant” dimension to their role. When one thinks of consulting, the external consultant immediately comes to mind—where subject matter expertise, cross-industry awareness, diligence, objective opinions and methodology are all part of the consulting value proposition, (albeit with bill rates to match!).

For sure, there is ample literature on how to work with consultants on the internet and this site, especially given this month’s theme. Yet can the same be said for the unsung heroes of the corporate world today: the internal consultant? Does the lack of a “bill rate” in hard dollars downplay the great value-add they provide to their employers?

I left an eight-year consulting career just as Y2K was wrapping up, and ever since then I’ve been in the FTE world. Even though I don’t work in …

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"Managing senior programmers is like herding cats."

- D. Platt