Spreading PM Culture in an Undisciplined Organization

Yusuf Abo Sada is a Developer and Team Leader in Jordan.

Your IT department functional manager rushes to your office asking you—a new PMP—if you can help spread project management in the company. You are amazed by his request, since you are the only person that has shown interest in the topic (and that same manager resisted your recent attempts to move the company into the discipline last year…so what changed?).

With just two out of 400 employees in the company who want this to happen, how will you accomplish it? In this article, I’ll share various steps that you can follow to start spreading a project management culture in a full functional organization that has resisted the discipline.

We all tend to work in an environment where we accomplish all of our personal and organizational needs; but when you try to introduce a new set of rules to “rebuild the pyramids,” you need a kind of art to succeed.

Project management is a discipline that—in the view of management—is a way to organize issues. But for functional employees unaware of its importance, the discipline has heavy constraints. So how can you carefully make the change?

Here are some tips to help you accomplish your mission:

1. Want to be believed in? Believe in it yourself. First, you have to personally believe in project management as a successful method to take your organization (and your career) higher. This …

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"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject."

- Winston Churchill