5 Predictions for the Future of Employee Performance Management

Karl is a career coach and Senior Editor/Writer for SalariesHub.com.

The measurement of employee performance and productivity is extremely important to most business owners. This valuable metric allows a business to make informed decisions regarding their staff and their value to the company. Companies who lack a formal evaluation process could be missing the mark, losing revenue and failing to properly motivate their teams.

However, the upcoming millennial generation is beginning to populate the workforce. They are bringing a new set of expectations and attitudes that may shift the patterns of the traditional employee performance review. Studies show that the millennial worker seeks more autonomy and personal development and requires more regular feedback and input from management. Based on these observations, the following trends are most likely to occur in the employee performance management process…

Increased Frequency
Over the past decade, the performance review has been known to be an extremely formal process taking place once or twice a year. Managers had a set process and were required to use this evaluation as a metric for determining a salary raise, promotion or areas of improvement. Traditionally, the review process was also a one-size-fits all evaluation and wasn't exactly tailored to the role or the person.

This process has proven to be ineffective when it comes to measuring employee value and connecting them to…

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