It Takes a Village of Applications to Compete

Tom Keenze
Technology is greatly reducing product life cycles. As a result, new products and services are being introduced at a record pace. The impact of this phenomenon on business is significant, affecting many operational areas:

  • Sales organizations are hard pressed to remain effective. They are finding it more difficult to build customer loyalty, forecast accurately, provide accurate information to their customers in a timely manner and stay well informed in products, specifications and prices.
  • Channel partners are struggling to keep up to date on products and services of the companies they represent. Companies are bewildered trying to gain mind share with their partners.
  • R&D and marketing are also forced into overdrive if they are to have any chance of staying abreast of today's fast-moving markets.
  • Everything else in the front and back office.


So many problems, so little time. If you have been following this series, you know that I believe CRM is a means to a successful end. You also know that it takes more than technology to implement a CRM program. Having said that, I want to focus this paper on technology. Because, without question, if you are going to stay in whatever game it is that you are playing, you will need technology to enable your success. The big question is, what technology will you need?


Portals: Opening the Door

First and …

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