Agile: Adapt or Acquiesce?

Naresh is an accomplished leader and a passionate team player with over 27 years of progressive U.S. and international experience in multifaceted IT systems.

Acquiesce: verb
ac·qui·esce, \ˌa-kwē-ˈes\
To accept, agree or allow something to happen by staying silent or by not arguing.

What’s more difficult: Pronouncing this word, or staying silent and accepting the dictum to accelerate a project without knowing how?

Is faster better?
I’ve been a Virginia native for 18 years, and Interstate 495 (The Beltway) is our lifeline. It’s a jugular loop that connects the economies of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The speed limit is 55mph, but does anybody really heed it? Most of the time, everyone goes well beyond it (unless they get stuck in a traffic jam!).

The current nature of the world is to take bigger bites, to accelerate and to achieve more, lest a great loss is perceived at the horizon. It’s not very different in agile sprint planning. It emanates from the daunting task of an accrued product backlog, which poses a formidable challenge to the agile team: Does it have the capability to realistically undertake tasks pertaining to the accrued user stories? Can it get them to “done”?

It’s a race against time to accomplish the entire product backlog in the given performance period. Would the entire scope of delivery or a piecemeal product (release) be accomplished in the fixed period of time (as with federal contracts)? That is the question asked in every sprint …

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"O, it is excellent To have a giant's strength! But it is tyrannous To use it like a giant."

- William Shakespeare



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