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PMI Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Chapter

Júnior Rodrigues, MSC, PMP is a Project Manager, Senior Consultant and Professor in Rio de Janeiro.

About five years ago, I began to influence my daughter’s choice for her university course. At that time, we were not experiencing a big political and financial crisis in our country. The oil and gas, auto and construction markets were at their peak. Rio de Janeiro was experiencing a great economic phase. (Times gone by...)

I have always followed market trends, and there was frequently research that pointed to the Brazilian market’s lag in terms of the world scenario, stating that it would be necessary to train about 60,000 engineers per year to supply the growth demand.

The choice
My daughter responded well to mathematical stimuli, and she showed some ease in chemistry and physics. Given the ingredients, the recipe was ready: her path would be engineering. The discipline of mechanics was pointed out as the obvious destination, aided by a seasoning of more attractive salaries.

Then the crisis came. These markets were directly affected, mainly by corruption scandals, a sharp decline in the demand for consumer goods and the reduction of investments by companies (given such distrust in the political and economic scenario).

And now? Is my daughter´s professional bet in vain? Are there reasons for despair? I don’t think so. Although she has not yet reached graduation, and therefore does not suffer from the unemployment that millions …

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