Automating Portfolio Status Reporting Using Microsoft PowerPoint

This write-up will show some simple and effective automation I have been using to publish and communicate one-page (or dashboard) project status reports using MS PowerPoint.

Along the way, I will explain how this is one of the many uses possible, and will point to other possibilities to adapt to your needs.

Target Audience
Project/portfolio/program managers working on multiple projects or programs who have basic Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) skills (or are able to delegate programming or customizing the use case cited here).

This approach, involving some VBA programming, can reduce repetitive and periodic tasks of reporting and uploading status reports.

I have been using something similar for some years now, and found the most common scope for automation has been one of managing the portfolio (of group of projects) to publish individual projects in project portals for respective stakeholders/departments. Feel free to customize further based on your reporting needs and opportunities for automation (detailed project reports, publish finance reports, risk logs, etc. from MS Excel, MS Project, etc.).

I am planning to cover some other use cases in follow-up articles as feasible; here, I am focusing on automated publishing of project reports in individual project portals (or repositories). Hopefully, the simple VBA programming might …

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