Project Management

The ABCs to Begin Teaching Project Management

Cindy teaches undergraduate students as well as graduate students and executives in Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence at American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

When considering project management at your university, don’t be constrained by someone else’s definition of what project management is. Think multi-disciplinary, cast your (course) net wide and don’t short sell the discipline and its far-reaching influence.

A: All Majors
One of the signature selling points of project management is that it is industry neutral—or, in academic terms, project management applies to all majors. We often see project management courses in engineering, business and architecture/design. Do not limit yourself to a course for only your major or a course offered only in your college/school.

Sell the course as one that applies to all majors—isn’t every industry concerned about risks, costs and schedules? Engineers are concerned about safety risks, biology labs worry about grant funding and architects have deadlines to meet. It makes sense to begin the path with a course that is common to many and allow your curriculum to grow into the specifics for your major/program/college/university.

At my university, the school of business initially partnered with the college of architecture and design to offer an Introduction to project management course for the management information systems (business) and design management (design) majors. When the management department (business) realized it needed to add quantitative …

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