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How I Began Teaching Project Management

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Luis is passionate about project management and the development of soft skills. He loves sharing experiences with other professionals.

There are many ways to start teaching project management at a university. Including a PM class is good, but in my opinion, it’s not enough. Let me tell you how this process started for me.

I’ve been a university professor since 2005, but started teaching project management in 2009—a couple of years after getting my PMP® credential. Project management was already a topic requested by graduates in the informatics engineering program, so the proposal for creating the course was rapidly accepted. The first time the course was offered, it was an elective course at the undergraduate level. It got attention from students during the last two semesters of the curricula.

I was very enthusiastic about the course, but I was also a bit limited in time—so I invited two more friends who I worked with before (and that also got their PMP certification the same year I did). Together we prepared all the material for the course. This experience was very interesting because students recognized that the combined experience from three instructors was very valuable. These two friends are still very close to me; in fact, one of them is my present business partner in a project management consultant business.

We started by identifying the course objectives and content. This first edition was based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®

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