3 Keys to Deconstructing Project Complexity

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How can we make sense of complexity in our pursuit of project success? It is easy to become overwhelmed by analysis paralysis. As project professionals, we have many processes that require research, analysis and monitoring. Unfortunately, these processes sometimes discourage problem solving. That is why you need these three keys to unlock complexity and move on to project success.

What trends are driving increased complexity?
Before going any further, let’s take a moment to understand the nature of complexity in the modern business context. By any measure, complexity is steadily increasing over time according to most measures:

  • Regulatory: Regulatory compliance costs and challenges have never been greater. Many large projects are designed to implement regulatory compliance (e.g., CASL in Canada and Dodd-Frank in the United States). In other cases, companies struggle to define their approach to new policies (such as proposed marijuana legislation in Canada).
  • Technology: Within the technology area, several trends pose major complexity challenges. For instance, artificial intelligence has become an everyday experience in banking and other industries through the use of chat services.
  • Personal stress and pressure: Complexity also has an impact on our personal life outside of the office. For example, many in the baby boom generation have elderly parents to care …

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