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What Does a Good PM Curriculum Look Like?

Esra is an Academic Faculty Member at the University of Versailles in Paris.

A curriculum represents a conscious and systematic selection of knowledge, skills and values—a selection that shapes the way teaching, learning and assessment processes are organized by addressing questions such as what, why, when and how students should learn.

A principal objective of a quality curriculum is, in a fair and inclusive manner, to enable students to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and values—and the associated capabilities and competencies—to lead meaningful and productive lives. A quality curriculum maximizes the potential for the effective enhancement of learning. A good quality curriculum is:

  1. planned and systematic based on a clear purpose and scope within a clear quality framework
  2. using valid and reliable data
  3. led by suitably qualified and experienced people
  4. sustainable/cyclical in nature
  5. regular

1. Planned and systematic: Clearly defined purpose and scope
The development of curriculum should follow a transparent and publicly known process. It should be well-managed in terms of focusing on the curriculum vision, conducting effective development activities and adhering to timelines and budgets. The development of curriculum should take account of good research and practice in and beyond a particular country. This would imply looking inward (at the current curriculum), outward (at what others are doing—…

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