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The Correlation Between PM Education and Employability

PMI Northeast Indiana Chapter

I believe firmly that there is a strong correlation between PM education and employability. However, based on a few hours of looking around, it doesn’t seem to be well studied. (It seems like this would be a key thing for PMI’s academic group to have in hand…perhaps PMI should fund just such a study!).

I’ve reviewed many articles and didn’t really find anything that directly (scientifically) answers the question. So, I’ll relate a story from a class. One of our university’s PMP exam prep classes was offered by a grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. for employees of a large manufacturing firm that were laid off as a result of their facility moving to another country. One student had run a highly complex machine and had been tasked to travel to the other country and teach the people that were replacing him how to use it. He did this in good faith, but the term of the “transition” wasn’t adequate and the new workers never fully understood how to operate and maintain the complex machine.

This fellow was unemployed (for real now) and decided to take advantage of the grant and took the PMP class. He paid extra attention to everything. His goal was to use the lessons of project management to create a small business with the charter of teaching, coaching and helping the new workers on the very difficult machine. He created …

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