Life After Higher Education: PM Skills Aid in Employment

PMI Southern Ontario Chapter

Lynn is a program management consultant and educator in Toronto.

As someone who has hired students and staff, I can think of many reasons why project management education will aid students in finding jobs. First, if students have worked on projects during their education, they generally understand how to work in groups. They appreciate the group dynamic model. They have learned when assigned a task to be responsible, to collaborate, to share and to collectively focus on a common goal. As a hiring manager, to have a team that works well together is a huge advantage. Together, the group is much more effective than one individual.

Understanding the scope of work is huge. I believe a student who can collect and validate requirements is more likely to have the ability to comprehend larger corporate strategies. Plus, a student who has grasped the concept of a WBS—who knows how to systematically break out work into achievable work packages and then focus on these—will be more successful and productive on reaching project and/or general business goals.

While regular students all work toward deadlines, those who have studied project management know how to evaluate dependencies and can instinctively fast track and crash activities, juggling variables to meet work goals. An awareness of the importance on prioritizing tasks on the critical path to complete required work on time is a valuable asset. 

In addition, students who …

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