Making the Agile Connection with the Internet of Things

Priya Patra is a Program Manager in Mumbai, India.

Ours is a connected world. The tsunami of devices from the Internet of Things (IoT) has come to our homes, workplaces and industries—and to the projects we manage and products we create. Projects today are now transformed to include complex combinations of sensors, hardware, software, data storage and multiple protocols of connectivity. Projects no longer operate in isolation but are part of a large ecosystem.

Making the Agile Connection
Today’s products must be designed with interconnection and interoperation in mind. It is no longer build it and forget it, it is build it and continuously improve it. Product development is consumer driven, and to be successful we need to seek proactive feedback as early as possible and adapt to it. Agile principles help to improve the quality and cycle time to accelerate innovation and embrace change.

Let’s see why the combination of innovation and agility is essential to leverage the “power of the thing” to win in this highly competitive market.

  • Device, connections and standards: IoT is about the new frontier of networked devices. With newer devices being connected, our products must be able to integrate them as well as be in compliance with the surge of government regulations that mandate levels of security and reliability of these devices. With newer devices being added to the IoT and IoE …

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