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Any organization that is focused on innovation, transformation and agility better also be focused on finding the talent to lead and execute the strategic initiatives that deliver on those often elusive goals. Whether established or emerging, companies of all types need versatile, resourceful people who not only can perform well in the jobs they are hired to do, but also have the potential to take on bigger roles as business needs change and strategies evolve.

To identify the people who can help them get "from here to there" — their future state — many companies are incorporating personality assessments into the hiring process.

Steve Hrop, vice president of organizational development services at Caliper, says the best assessment tests can provide insights on personality attributes that traditional interviews sometimes don't — including, for example, if an individual is a good fit for the organization's culture. What's more, assessments can be leveraged to evaluate future leadership potential beyond the current performance considerations.

In a recent exchange with Driving Strategy, Hrop shared some thoughts on the value of personality assessments and what to look for when considering one. We also asked him about evaluating candidates specifically for project management roles; he offered a 10-point checklist of …

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