5 Tips to Keep Communication Alive in the Age of Agile

Brandon is VP of Technology for Changepoint.

Sprint. Scrum. Backlog. Kanban. Standup.

Raise your hand if you’ve heard one or more of those phrases in your office this week. If so, congrats…you’re part of the new agile majority.

For the past few years, the benefits of the agile mindset have been a mainstay of tech conference conversations and business manager strategy retreats. Agile—embracing nimbleness and responsiveness in all aspects of business decision-making—is often touted as the only way for companies to quickly adapt to changing customer demands and deliver a competitive and relevant product or service.

And, it appears people are finally listening. In the race for business transformation, many organizations have adopted agile business philosophies and work styles. PMI’s Pulse of the Profession report revealed that 71% of organizations take an agile approach to project management.

However, as teams embrace this new way to work, unintended consequences can quickly appear. One of the most damaging hidden consequence is the miscommunication issues that can plague agile organizations.

Mastering communication is tough for all organizations, but agile companies face increasing challenges. From newly empowered teams making decisions without looping in other stakeholders, to an over-reliance on lightweight task management and collaboration tools, there are many areas to …

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