5 Things to Seek in Agile Hires

Bart has been in ecommerce for over 20 years, and can't imagine a better job to have. He is interested in all things agile, or anything new to learn.

As part of my day-to-day role, I’m often in contact with recruiters, both internal and external. For the past few years, I’ve worked with one great internal recruiter, who asked a very insightful question. He is the kind of recruiter who pays attention to what was going on in the company, and is always trying to look forward into what kind of employee we will be looking for a year from now, rather than a year ago. He asked, “What new attitudes should I be looking for when I talk to candidates?” I personally hadn’t thought about this, but it helped me to put together thoughts that helped drive some truly awesome hires in the past six months.

First, it’s clear that whomever we hire needs to be able to do the job. I can’t use a developer who can’t develop, or a designer who can’t design, or a product owner who shows no inclination to being able to own a product. But functional skills are often half the story; the rest of the story involves what an Agile team be looking for from an attitude and behavioral standpoint. Here are the five things I’ve told our recruiting staff that we value, so that they can properly calibrate their outreach efforts.

1. Team Players. Yeah, this one sounds like a buzzword. Everyone says they are a great team player, willing to work with anyone and everyone to achieve a goal. Most people don’t know what this actually means. Working together, without…

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