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Cloud computing and services are central to digital transformation. Challenges exist because existing business processes—and classical project management itself—most likely pose a risk to successful adoption of the cloud. Cloud projects can be done in an eye blink not suited to waterfall or phased projects. Bimodal operations have been suggested, but may receive pushback from executives who think linearly. A better approach is a cloud team and cloud center of excellence.

Although the cloud is hyped for low cost, a large percentage of cloud projects fail due to cost and security. These are the result of lack of knowledge, skills, and experience. Common issues organizations face are the shortage of digital skills in the market; the lack of necessary skills in the leadership team to drive digital transformation; and data sovereignty.

Understanding the Complexities of the Cloud Journey

Cloud Is Central to Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is the process to radically improve the performance of business processes, applications, or even whole enterprises (i-Scoop, n.d.). Cloud computing and services are central to digital transformation. They enable organizations to procure their IT (information technology) on-demand and as-a-service, scaling up and down as required. But cloud is complex and challenging (even Windows 10 as a cloud service …

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