3 People Management Problems Solved Through Continuous Personal Development

Joe Wynne is a versatile Project Manager experienced in delivering medium-scope projects in large organizations that improve workforce performance and business processes. He has a proven track record of delivering effective, technology-savvy solutions in a variety of industries and a unique combination of strengths in both process management and workforce management.

One of the most powerful tools you have as a project manager is your ability to help your workforce be more productive. But it takes years to get this tool really sharp. Beyond your basic PM skills, you have to successfully respond to the effect of company culture, anticipate the implications to worker background and even work around your own preferences. It takes years to be competent and confident.

There are barriers to your success, even if you know best practices. Here are three problems that you must deal with so that you move as quickly as possible to improved leadership…

Problem 1: Your personal preferences and biases are in the way. Because of your personality and background/upbringing, you have a certain way that you interact with people in general and project workers in particular. This is perfectly natural. It is comfortable for you.

Unfortunately, it is not the correct way to interact with everyone. Others have different personalities and backgrounds, so your behavior will not align with their needs. The way you initiate an interaction, the language you use and body language used in discussions are just a few things that may lead to confusion, miscommunications, conflicts and embarrassing outcomes if not carefully managed. At the very least, the relationship will not lead to the most productivity—and that is what you are ultimately looking for …

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