Connecting Project Management and Servant Leadership

Dr. Lisa Hatherill is a Business Solutions Manager.

Is there a connection between the characteristics of servant leadership and of a successful project manager? There is research to indicate that successful project managers could work effectively as a group member and build a cooperative effort within the team. They are also characterized by their ability to visualize the relationship of an individual project to the company and have the technical skills to complete projects.

Servant leadership characteristics have been categorized into people orientation, process orientation and task orientation. A correlation between servant leadership and successful project managers could lead to a better understanding of the leadership of project management and contribute to the existing body of knowledge.

My interest in servant leadership began with a quest for a dissertation research topic that I could relate to the information technology field. I settled on the correlation between the characteristics of a servant leader and the adoption of green data center technologies.

The research found little to connect the two based on a small sample study. A 2015 article by Michael Wood posed the question: Leadership and Stewardship: Is There a Connection? “It isn’t that running an organization demands a deep sense of stewardship; it is just that great ‘purpose-driven’ leadership does.”

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