Are You Only as Good as Your Last Project?

Naomi Caietti, PMP is managing editor of She launched her own consulting company to provide global, on-demand virtual services for clients that need a speaker, author or coach.

Could this be your wake-up call as a project leader? You may have years of experience, a long list of recent projects in your portfolio and frequent flyer mile usage that would astound any recruiter or hiring manager. You should be able to coast right over to your next gig. It should be that easy, right?

Project management is very competitive today no matter what industry you are in. How do you set yourself apart from the competition? You should:

  1. Focus on continuous improvement in project leadership
  2. Leverage project approaches that benefit the project, team and/or the organization (i.e., project post-mortems, lessons learned and retrospectives)

I’ll reveal some hard truths and insights to ponder—and welcome engagement and discussion—as I present in the following paragraphs different project approaches, continuous improvement for project leadership, trends for new project roles and methods, expert insights and views on how project retrospectives are the new “lessons learned.”

It’s a Wrap
You managed to get your project across the finish line. Now what? Of course, we know that not all projects cross the finish line, and not all projects that cross the finish line are necessarily successful. Historically, there have been three types of project artifacts and/or deliverables that could be produced for a project. Let’s …

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