Your Communication Strategy: The Key to Motivating People

Miguel is a Service Delivery Manager in Mexico specializing in mission-critical systems.

What does a project manager need from team members and stakeholders during a long and difficult project? We need them to feel involved and included in every phase of the project. The way to keep people interested in—and motivated to work on—the project is to have an effective and solid communication management strategy that lays out the role of every person contributing to the project (every stakeholder, sponsor, technician and team leader) so that each understands the importance of his or her role to the overall success. They all have to know about the impact that delays or errors in the tasks that they carry out will have on the chain of milestones—and on the end result.

This is why it’s critical that they are made to feel a crucial part of the project from the very beginning. The first step in the implementation phase is a kickoff meeting with all stakeholders, technical experts, team members, leaders and sponsors—and everyone else who will work on the project—in attendance (either physically or via video conference). This gives everyone the chance to interact and feel that they are present and involved from the beginning:

  • Start the meeting by laying out the principle goals and outlining the project statement of work. To emphasize crucial information clearly in everyone’s minds, repeat the statement of work at least three …

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