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The Future of Higher Education

PMI Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Chapter

Júnior Rodrigues, MSC, PMP is a Project Manager, Senior Consultant and Professor in Rio de Janeiro.

The current higher education model is undergoing major transformations due to the constant evolution of technology. Access to knowledge and globalization—which can place pressure on the traditional model—meets the needs of the latest, increasingly interconnected generation.

Today, you can study anywhere provided you have a connected device, which allows access to a much larger volume of information (and more easily than in any library)—and enables collaboration in projects and academic work.

Higher education institutions that fail to understand and adapt to this paradigm shift will face serious difficulties in the future. They must make profound structural changes in providing quality education and services to their students by adapting quickly and effectively to this new world.

In addition, easier access contributes to more educated citizens—and thus a stronger society. As Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." It is necessary, therefore, to find ways of teaching that make learning more inspiring, relevant and dynamic.

In this way, virtual education can help institutions become major national (and even international) players, reaching new students in an easier and faster way—something that is much more difficult (or even impossible) through face-to-face …

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