The BICEPS Strategy: How to Keep Your Business Sustainable

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Majeed is a business transformation manager with over 25 result-driven years of international business improvement experience. He has been an active volunteer within PMI communities since 2005, and his main passion and focus is on ethics and authentic leadership in project management.

Traditional business management is constantly evolving. In the future of global cloud business, the traditional functions of CEOs, CFOs and CIOs will change in name, meaning and structure. What would you think if there were 5,000 CEOs in the same company, all reporting to several COOs? And a CVO (Chief Value Officer) to replace the traditional CFO?

In the light of business and technology evolution, I have during my last 25 years seen companies often substituting the business’s basic rules by moving from one extreme to another with regard to tools, methods and processes rather than managing the change as an evolution.

This is often because the business does not have the right self-image or knowledge of which components are primary and which are secondary, which to change or to evolve. Companies frequently change the organizational structure, tools and techniques (secondary ones) without strengthening the core business strategy, client management, sales strategy, human capital management, leadership, values and culture (primary ones).

Recently, many companies also talk about digitalization but have no strong strategy realization or execution capability. As reported on Atelier:

“The MIT Sloan School of Management, in conjunction with consulting firm Deloitte, has carried out a study of companies undergoing digital transformation. Their findings show that …

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