The Shifting Paradigm: Embracing Change Management and Heralding the Next Industrial Revolution

Bharat is a best-selling author and change management advisor,

Project managers know about stress. They have to adhere to the plan against potential (and often unexpected) demands, shortfalls and resource restraints. This is where the management skills of a disguised hero find true grandeur.

Yet it’s rare for someone to go the extra mile and bestow a befitting honor on the manager responsible for producing the result in time and within estimates. Instead, they cry foul for the slightest deviation or underachievement.

Given the foregoing situation, PMs should keep themselves abreast of changes in their area of activity. Some changes could slip by; others demand further examination, planning and preparation. Let’s single out the five Ws and discuss how PMs can plan and dictate change at greater length:

  1. What needs to change?
  2. Why do we need to make the change?
  3. When is an excellent opportunity to begin the process of change?
  4. Where will that change bring us, with no compromise of corporate values?
  5. Who will steer the change, and how well-equipped is this person in facilitating it?

We further want to work out:

  • Who, what and which entities will take part in this change?
  • What product/service areas will see the greatest change?
  • What material is accessible to support the change?
  • How will the market respond to the change?
  • What added value should we expect?

Next in order comes the mission statement…

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