Project Management

Quality Across All Boundaries: The Continuous Pursuit

Anibal is a Projects Quality Manager in Venezuela.

Quality has come a long way. Its management started as a requirement for inspection activities, given that faulty items were being created. A controlling authority needed to be inserted into the process to make sure things were done correctly and according to specifications.

In order to evaluate and ensure that inspection activities (also known as the quality control function) were being carried out correctly, a quality assurance function was needed. With quality assurance and control in place, someone thought, “Things should not be frozen for life!” Things needed to be improved: products, goods and services, and the clients were spearheading this requirement.

But other items came through, such as standards, specifications, codes, process controls, statistical tools, procedures, instructions, audits and data analysis. Definitively, someone had to manage all of these elements. Everyone thought of the well-organized “quality people.” Hence, quality management came to fruition (and the same occurred in other areas such as environmental protection, safety and health).

The future is here—and we are here to handle it. Don’t forget the most important consideration in quality management: human beings. In this article, I try to address a way of handling quality management. It depicts how anyone can implement a quality-focused system that can …

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